UpholsterySteamCleaner.net is owned and run out of beautiful Arizona. We have been delivering information about Upholstery Steam Cleaner across the internet for a number of years now. We are also interested in other household tools and gadgets that make your life so much easier and which ones should be avoided!

This website was created because we thought that there are just too many people out there knowing that their furniture could look better, but simply don’t know where to start. Some fear it would be expensive to hire professional cleaners or are afraid it will be too difficult to do themselves.

I was first introduced to an upholstery steam cleaner by a friend. She was cleaning her furniture and I couldn’t help but notice how easily she powered through some pretty rough looking stains. Curious, I asked her about it and she had nothing but good things to say so I went online to do more research. After seeing only positive reviews about upholstery steam cleaner and their cleaning ability, I decided to go ahead and pick one up for my home too. It’s easy and saves me money.

If you would like to contact us, feel free to email us at admin@upholsterysteamcleaner.com.